Legal Information

Environmental Investigative Forum – EIF

Global non-profit registered in France
Association à but non-lucratif, loi de 1901
RNA Number: W061014786


91 Rue Lamarck
Paris 75018


Alexandre Brutelle, President-Treasurer
Friedrich Hirler, Secretary

Advisory Board:

Fiona Macleod for Oxpeckers Environmental Journalism
(Anglophone Southern & Eastern Africa)

Ibanga Isine / Arnaud Ouedraogo for CENOZO
(West Africa)

Frederic Mugira for Info Nile
(Africa Nile basin)

Munir Al-Khatib for ARIJ
(Middle East & North Africa)

Aron White for the Third Pole
(Himalayan region)

Mark Schapiro for the Society of Environmental Journalists
(United States of America)

Annual & Financial Reports

Annual report (2022):

Financial report (2022) (in French)

Annual report (2021)

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Environmental Investigative Forum – EIF
91 Rue Lamarck
Paris 75018, France
Association à but non-lucratif, loi de 1901
Numéro RNA: W061014786