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Launching #MineAlertAfrica !

#MineAlertAfrica is going live next April 15 at 5pm CET ! Destined to #journalists and #researchers, the tool enables quick verification for overlaps between tens of thousands of mining leases and environmental assets.

Click below to access the agenda:

What is EIF ?

EIF a global consortium of environmental investigative journalists composed of freelancers, newsrooms and non-profit journalism representatives.
We aim to foster new investigative collaborations, provide capacity building for journalists and develop innovative environmental tools. 


EIF connects environmental investigative journalists, non-profit investigative hubs and freelancers worldwide


Our team and network members already participated to dozens of investigations spread across as many countries and regions:

Resource building

EIF aims to develop cross-border investigations, trainings, open-source tools and other resources for journalists and civil society:

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