You’ve witnessed systemic pollution, environmental threats or corruption ?

You’ve witnessed biodiversity threats, environmental abuses, cases of traffic or even corruption linked to natural resources exploitation ? The information you have isn’t known yet by the public and you want us to blow the whistle on it ? Click on the image below to access our fully secure whistleblowing platform, powered by Global Leaks:

Note that you can also access our platform through TOR, at this address:

If you’re unfamiliar or unsure about the security threats involved with whistleblowering and/or working on environmental crime, we advise you to read the rest of our page before sharing any information with us.

Environmental journalists, activists and sources are increasingly at risk for their activities, with physical, digital or legal threats designed to silence them. While you should keep in mind that no absolute security is achievable online, you still may want to look at the few ways below to improve your online safety before getting in touch with us.

Here are a measures you may want to implement before sharing anything with us:

1. Signal Messaging app:

Just as easy to use as Whatsapp, Signal messaging app has this great advantage of being Open-Source, meaning its code is open for everyone to analyze and audit, which the online community has been regularly doing and still does up to now.

You can download Signal here: and contact us on this number: +33666238894.

2. ProtonMail:

ProtonMail is also another Open-Source alternative to maintstream mail providers like Gmail. Our mail is a ProtonMail one. To communicate by mail in a safer manner, you can create your own ProtonMail and contact us on our team mail. Set-up you ProtonMail for free here:

We also use PGP encryption if you’re familiar with that and prefer this way of communication, if you want to do so, contact us at to exchange public pgp keys before encrypting our discussions.

3. Additional steps and going further:

We recommend using a VPN and/or getting familiar with the TOR browser for your private browsing activities and while contacting us. This will encrypt browsing data from your internet provider, as well as malevolent eyes. 

TOR’s benefits over VPN is that it is much harder to intercept browsing activities, while your VPN service will still be theoretically be able to know about your activity. This is why you should always be mindful about the data privacy terms of the VPN service you’re using.

We also strongly discourage you to use free VPN services which aren’t Open-Source, as these will most often record their users data and traffic to then sell it to third parties.

To go further into these topics of online security and safety, we warmly recommend the two resources below: