Our project

The Environmental Investigative Forum (EIF) is a global non-profit organization registered in France. Our project expands in three main areas of activity: networking, reporting and developing our own environmental journalism resources and services.


EIF comprises an informal network of experts and investigative journalists. Its aim is to create an online space to foster new environmental reporting collaborations. Our network members cover a wide range of topics and competences ranging from artificial intelligence and satellite imagery analysis to fossil fuel exploitation, water privatization or illegal wood logging. 
We support our members in finding funding opportunities for their investigations, scientific and journalistic expertise.

Investigative reporting

Our members get support from the overall EIF’s network and team in order to develop new collaborative projects on a freelance level or within the scope of our NGO’s investigating programs and initiatives. We support and carry on our members past publications by sponsoring it on our website, but also by developing working and reproducible frameworks from a country to another. In the near future, we hope to involve our members into some in-house investigative projects. Click below to read their stories.

Resource building

EIF aims to develop innovative initiatives based on our networks expertise and past achievements. We are seeking funding to develop our own environmental monitoring tools, investigative projects and training programs. We are always on the look for partnership opportunities with external organizations, newsrooms or individual researcher and freelancers.  EIF’s team also provides consultancy services to external organizations or individuals upon request. Please get in touch for further details.

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