Our team

Alexandre Brutelle


Alexandre is EIF director and one of its co-founders. He is an investigative journalist, mentor and trainer specialized in cross-border collaboration and environmental issues. He is responsible for carrying out the NGO’s development by setting out its goals, activities and external partnerships, with the approval of EIF’s advisory board.

Christina Orieschnig

Remote Sensing Engineer

Christina is a PHD researcher in hydrology and earth observation. She is EIF’s point of focus regarding the experimentation and well implementation of remote sensing technology in the field of environmental journalism through satellite image monitoring and analysis.

Mais Katt

Middle East & North Africa Coordinator

Mais is an investigative journalist, international media trainer and training designed. She has conducted trainings for other hundreds of journalists in the MENA region, including for ICFJ and is EIF representative for the MENA region.

Annika McGinnis

East Africa Representative

Annika McGinnis is a multimedia/data journalist and media development specialist from the U.S., based in Kampala, Uganda. With Water Journalists Africa, she is the co-founder of InfoNile.org, a geojournalism platform and journalists’ network focused on data-based stories on water and environment in the Nile Basin.

Omair Ahmad

South Asia Representative

Omair Ahmad is managing editor for South Asia at The Third Pole since 2015. He has worked as a political analyst and journalist, with a particular focus on the Himalayan region. He is the author of a political history of Bhutan, and a few novels. He has a background in international politics and conflicts, with a focus on Kashmir and Tibet.

Fiona Macleod

Southern Africa Representative

She is pioneering the use of new media tools to expose eco-offences in southern Africa, and to track offenders around the world, most notably through the development of the Oxpeckers environmental investigative unit, our partner covering anglophone Africa, which she directs. Fiona is also a member of the EIF advisory Board.

Inva Hasanaliaj

Western Balkans Coordinator

Inva is EIF representative for the Western Balkan region, in charge of regional project coordination. She notably investigated environmental risks and irregularities linked to ENI‘s discreet acquisition of the “Dumre” oil block, located in Albania. Inva is also a fact-checking journalist for the Albanian media Faktoje.

Mark Shapiro

North America Representative

Mark is an award-winning investigative journalist and author specializing in the environment. He was formerly senior correspondent at the Center for Investigative Reporting (2003-2012) and his work has been featured in PBS Frontline, The Guardian, The Atlantic and others. He represents the SEJ (Society of Environmental Journalists) in our board, covering the north american region.

West Africa Representative

The Norbert Zongo Cell for Investigative Journalism in West Africa (CENOZO), is our partner and regional representative for francophone and anglophone West Africa . Cenozo’s representative Ibanga Isine, as well as Arnaud Ouedraogo, both represent the CENOZO unit within EIF’s advisory Board.

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