You want to share sensitive information with us ?

Whistleblowing and leaking consist in sharing sensitive information of public interest to a journalist, a newsroom or an organization – or directly online. These practices have been recently popularized by major press investigations and non-profit projects aiming at the public interest, among which Wikileaks, the Panama Papers, the Snowden Leaks, the Swiss Leaks, and more.

But it does not require a global scale scandal to leak or whistleblow. In fact any actor of civil society, from the public to the private sector, can encounter a dysfunction worth bringing up to the public scene. At EIF, we believe small dysfunctions can lead to great local and even global reports ; and our team look into both of these scales with equal consideration.

If you want to tip us a story or need guidance to provide you protection or assistance, our team will connect you with journalists, medias or organizations to support you in speaking out the truth you aim to bring up. Our mail address “” is encrypted through ProtonMail, where you can create an account for free. This will grant you easily an end-to-end encryption in your communication with us.

Depending on the story or data you would like to share, we might request you to use additional security tools in order to mitigate the potential risks associated with your communication with us.

Please be aware that PGP encryption won’t provide you full anonymity if your devices are already compromised. You can familiarize yourself better with the topics of whistleblowing and digital safety through the two resources below: