Our Team

Alexandre Brutelle


Alexandre is EIF director and one of its co-founders. He is an investigative journalist, mentor and trainer specialized in cross-border collaboration and environmental issues. He is responsible for carrying out the NGO’s development by setting out its goals, activities and external partnerships.

Christina Orieschnig

Remote Sensing Engineer

Christina is a PHD researcher in hydrology and earth observation. She is EIF’s point of focus regarding the experimentation and well implementation of remote sensing technology in the field of environmental journalism through satellite image monitoring and analysis.

Kristof Horvath

EIF Network Manager

Kristof is the EIF network manager and one of the NGO’s co-founders. He is a former data science researcher and is responsible for coordinating our network through external and internal events, members outreach and individual recruitment within the EIF global consortium.

Isabella Crispino

Project Developer Trainee

Isabella is currently working as an intern for Economist Impact, the research and analysis wing of the Economist Group in London. She’s also an EIF network member and is currently being trained by our team in order to learn how to develop environmental reporting projects and activities within the scope of EIF’s goals and overall mission.

Momchil Yordanov

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Momchil is an AI engineer consultant. His aim for EIF is to develop detection tools for environmental monitoring aimed at journalists and civil society. He makes uses of Artificial Intelligence and Learning Machine in order to turn our investigations into sustainable tools aimed at civil society and environmental reporters.

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